A memorable time at Lake Macquarie

Setting off in perfect weather conditions Friday mid morning, our fleet of Rivera’s cruised by the Iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge, welcoming much admiration from onlookers on the Harbour.    Just before midday, we passed South Head where a few of our fortunate clients reported sightings of dolphins and whales.

Arriving at Trinity Point Marina late afternoon, we received a very warm welcome by Andrew Chapman who introduced us to the new facilities and later escorted us to the conference centre.    Surrounded by a very picturesque landscape, we were entertained by the talented Macca, playing acoustic guitar, sipping champagne and dining on a spectacular grazing plate.

For more information about Trinity Point Marina, : https://trinitypoint.com.au

Saturday morning after breakfast, we participated in the Great Australian Poker Run, cruising through crystal clear waters from location to location before anchoring in the centre of the lake to watch the exhilarating powerboats circuit around us. We were thrilled to witness our favourite Skipper Leigh Trevaskis claim second prize in the first race.

We made our way to Marmong Point Marina, where the atmosphere was buzzing with crowds of people enjoying the superboats after party festivities.   The hospitality was fabulous, a huge thank you to Les, Jarvis and Matt the Doc master at Marmong Point Marina for organising and guiding us in our berths.

Click here for more information about Marmong Point Marina : https://marmongpointmarina.com.au

After a leisurely Sunday morning,  we made our way back to the lake and dropped anchor to watch the last of the superboat races before our planned departure.   Simon Don took advantage of the fabulous weather and demonstrated the new IAQUA Sports toy just before the last superboat race.   Our clients really enjoyed the opportunity to test this fabulous water toy nearby their vessels.

If you would like more information iAQUA Watersports toy

Thank you to all our clients for joining us at Lake Macquarie, we look forward spending many more adventures together.

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