One of the most satisfying days in you and your family’s life is taking delivery of a new Riviera. The team at R Marine Sydney knows how to make this complex process simple, streamlined and hassle-free and make sure that the first time you get out on the water in your new Riviera all the systems are installed to your specifications, and the boat is completely sea tested.

Our process starts at the Riviera factory where our staff, carefully inspect every Riviera boat destined for our customers, ensuring the hull, mechanicals and interior are compliant to both our standards and yours. We continually arrange future production positioning so that our customer’s boats are delivered as quickly as possible.

When the craft arrives in the heart of Sydney Harbour, R Marine Sydney undertakes another quality control check. Customisations and electronics are installed at our base in Sydney where we perform a thorough sea trial and shakedown to make sure that everything on board is working and configured perfectly.

At handover, we ensure that you feel comfortable and safe on the water. With this in mind, all R Marine customers get hands-on instruction at delivery with one of our well trained and experienced team members to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of your boat capabilities.

When you buy a used boat we make sure it is properly serviced for a safe and trouble-free boating season, and if you are selling a boat we help you buy parts and recondition it before advertising and appealing to buyers.