Many of our new boats are built to order, and a trip to the Riviera factory on the Gold Coast is well worth the effort!

Join us for a day to see the factory in operation, your boat in build, meet some of the key staff and really get an understanding of what is involved in the production of these world-class vessels. Often the selection of interior colours and furnishings for your boat is tied into this trip and we spend some time with the interior consultation team.

Completion of the Build

Once the boat is finished and checks complete, the boat is either transported back to NSW on your behalf via skipper, or you can take delivery in QLD if you prefer. Many owners opt to do this first trip with the skipper, it’s a great way to get to know your new boat.

Delivery and Handover

Riviera design user-friendly, cutting edge boats, and there are a huge number of systems onboard. The handover process is in-depth, covering off the onboard systems (by their respective specialists, in electrical and mechanical, as well as general care and maintenance, using and driving the boat. The handover as in-depth and takes as long as it takes until you are comfortable.

Ongoing Support

Probably the most critical part of your dealer selection is how well they handle ongoing support. We are there to assist with anything related to the boat, and we have mobile shipwright and mechanical staff who can assist you with upgrades or warranty whenever required.

Enjoying Your Boat

One of the great things about Riviera ownership is joining the family of Riviera owners. You’ll meet great people and have the chance to join in organized social events and cruises throughout the year. Get to know your boat, safely cruise longer distances with a group and have a great time!