Write your own escape this winter aboard your new Riviera 52 Flybridge

A once in a lifetime experience, for one fortunate family

We have one new Riviera 52 Enclosed Flybridge available for your immediate enjoyment and Riviera will ensure that’s exactly what you do … enjoy life to the full, as we help you to chart your dream winter odyssey to the Whitsundays.

You purchase this yacht and choose what you would like to do and where you would like to go … Riviera will take care of the rest.

Riviera will provide the captain, fuel and all the instruction you and your crew may require

Everyone’s dream winter escape itinerary will vary. Some will want a very active adventure… while others will be happy just to sit back and enjoy the journey. That’s what makes this offer so unique. It is everything you want.

You chart your dream course and write your own itinerary

A captain will be provided to escort you to Hamilton Island from the Gold Coast and return if required. Expert instructors in fishing, diving and snorkelling can be provided. Even a master chef would be available to prepare a feast of the freshest seafoods. This winter escape is all about you and your choices.

With 74 Islands in the Whitsunday’s to explore … there is one only opportunity to escape in style aboard a Riviera 52 Enclosed this winter… don’t miss the boat.

Talk to your Riviera representative today for full details and start planning your own escape this winter.

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