Yachting magazine puts the Riviera 6000 Sport Yacht Platinum Edition to the test

Yachting magazine’s Kevin Koenig headed out of Sydney Harbour into the rolling Pacific Ocean to put Riviera’s 6000 Sport Yacht Platinum Edition through its paces. Highlighting what he describes as Rivera’s ‘Australian ethos of building rugged, do-it-yourself vessels that can handle most any sea’, he found there was much more to like than just Riviera’s ability to meld seaworthiness and style. “It’s also a legitimate luxury brand, brandishing its bona fides in the fleet’s stitching, woodwork, and overall fit and finish. Which is to say, Riviera doesn’t have many soft spots. That is why it’s exciting to see the builder challenge itself even further in creating the Platinum Edition of its Sport Yachts series, including a 4800 Series II, a 5400 and the flagship of the line, the 6000.”

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